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Chiang Mai

Guest reviews for Green Lake Resort

Green Lake Resort

Green Lake Resort

Location:Chang Puek

Address:Chollaprathan Road, Changpuak,

City:Muang, Chiang Mai 50300

Start Rate:24 USD
(Rate as of Jan 27 2015 06:31:49 GMT)


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Room Types:Superior Room, Deluxe Room

Reservation A conformation weather the pickup-service is accepted or not is needed! We had to contact this place some days after the booking, to get the confirmation. -And more info about check in/check out time., November 11, 2014

by Stine Rasmussen

Visit Date:November 2, 2014





"Far away from the city! The peace and silence is really great, but it s necessary to get a car from the hotel into the city (cost 300B) and a taxi/tuktuk will charge extra when you need to get back home because it s so far out of the center, and because of one-way streets there s a longer way from City to hotel.The breakfast was the best we have got in our whole vacation in Thailand, with both American and Thai buffet!A lovely hotel! The only downside really is the location! <span style="display:none">[R24 integr.ERR:escaping]</span>"

ReservationNovember 16, 2009

by Pierre Hermansson

Visit Date:November 1, 2009





"Nice place,nice staff.I will stay here again in the future.Good value for your money"

No problem with booking, May 3, 2009

by Preethi De Silva

Visit Date:May 2, 2009

"Very nice place in Chain Mai for relaxation, tasty food and staffs are excellent & cooperative and I would recommend it to anybody without any reluctance."

Excellent, April 30, 2009

by Rene Binder

Visit Date:April 17, 2009

"A Nice and wonderful special place! About 10 min from chiang mai ta pae gate with bike/car. Quiet and calm place to relax. Everytime again."

In the end they were very helpfull and we are expecting a refund for 1 night of our stay., April 15, 2009

by Asanai Kaew-Injai

Visit Date:April 10, 2009

"We had booked for 3 nights but became ill after using the swimming pool. Looked clean until you disturbed everything lurking on the bottom, and they use green tiles to hide the colour of the water. We asked when it had been cleaned and showed the reception staff the bugs that were happily living in the water. This led to one of the party being called a trouble maker and a bas**** by Mr. Somchai the hotel owner. The Thai staff in the hotel tried their best but like most have no control over your stay and have to do as they are told. We only stayed one night of the 3 and moved on earlier than planned. After seeing the tourist police to discuss the appalling treatment. If you are hoping to see Chiang Mai this is not a good hotel. It is deceptively far from Chiang Mai and not easy to commute back and forth. The hotel operates a bus service but be ready to pay for this through the nose as an unwelcome extra. If you want to stay in a nice room and do nothing else then stay here. If you expect more then stay well away from this hotel.You may be able to see photographs we took at this site"

February 26, 2009

by Uraiwan

Visit Date:February 18, 2009

"good i ll recommended"

Excellent booking service, June 17, 2007

by Magnus Modig

Visit Date:June 9, 2007

"Very nice hotel in calm area outside of Chiang Mai city center. Pools really good even though pool area not very inviting. Very good with fresh water shower at pool area. Requires 10-15 minutes Taxi or TukTuk transportation to town center. Very good breakfast buffet. Rooms very clean and nice."

Good, March 8, 2007

by Hanne Jensen

Visit Date:February 15, 2007

"Very boring place. Located 20 min outside Chiang Mai. Just beside the mainroad of Chiang Mai. So the lake is not so pretty after all. OK pool. Staff friendly. Absoulutely nothing to do here in this area. OK if you just want a place to sleep. <span style="display:none">[R24 integr.ERR:escaping]</span>"
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